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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Quick Update

I'll probably be doing a more in-depth post about whats going on with my cancer in the next couple of days.  Honestly,  I've been too tired and busy to go into a lot of detail.  For those of you who don't follow on facebook, things aren't looking awesome.

A couple of week ago, I went in to the cancer center for a blood test and it was found that my CEA levels (an antigen that increases in blood when cancer is growing) were elevated.  A CT test was done the next day and a possible cancerous node was found in my left lung, as well as possible infection in two or three of the lymph nodes in my chest region.

So the cancer is technically back, and metastasized.  What I'm dealing with now is stage 4 colon cancer, and the numbers for that kind of cancer are not good.  I'm not going to give you the numbers...if you are curious, go ahead and look them up.  If you do look them up, please remember that the numbers are out of date (and don't necessarily take into account the latest progressions in drug therapy and surgery).  Five year survival rates are the chances that some one with that type of cancer will be alive in five years.  Remember though, that a lot of people who have these cancers are older and die of other causes as well  (heart attacks, infections, etc).  I'm a pretty tough guy, so my chances are all that much better.

Still, there is a lot going on in my life.  I haven't decided if I'm going to quit school or not.  I don't how effective this chemo is going to be, and I have no idea if or when I will be getting surgery for the latest cancerous nodes.  I'll be trying my hardest to fight this shit....I'm not about to give up, and I'll do just about anything it takes to be able to stick around with you guys as long as I can.

Also, I'm not to proud to tell you that I could always use your help, be it emotional, pscyhological and  financial.  My sister and my dearest friends have set up a page where you can post messages of support, and send financial support using paypal.  I know things are tough for all of us these days, and I really am luckier than a lot of people around the world, but if you have a million dollars just burning a hole in your pocket, I would appreciate whatever you can do.  Sometimes its tough to accept help, but I'd like to think that any of you could absolutely count of me if our situations were ever reversed.

Thank you..I love you all. Here is the link to the page my sister made:  http://joindansfight.blogspot.ca/

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