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Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Beginning

So, I've finally decided to start my own blog. I may even post in it.

I've always resisted adapting to technology. Not that I don't like gadgets or the internet, but I've always been wary of using new tools, like the internet, to express myself. Hell, I haven't even completely mastered the use of the old tools, like writing and talking, to express myself. I just got my first cell phone two years ago (and still have the same cellphone), and I still hate to use that thing.

But then I jumped on the Facebook bandwagon and realized that, hey, I actually like this. It lasted all of 5 days, of course; Facebook then changed something arbitrary and unimportant, and I hated it. Two day after that, I got used to the change, and liked it again. This cycle would go on to repeat itself numerous times. The point is, though, that I actually started enjoying communicating with people, writing jokes, and saying outlandish things without the burden of disapproving faces when I took it a step to far.

The next step, naturally,would be to add my voice to the mediocre chorus of pasty internet nerds, bored housewives, business jack asses, and self-help gurus. I'm going to elbow my way amongst the elite of the internet, with their 5 views a month and 2 person subscriber lists.

But before I begin, I need a catch. A hook. Hell, I need a point. What makes me different? There are a list of things: I'm a disaffected employee in the sciences, I'm going through a career change, I'm overcoming some workplace and outside of workplace psychological trauma. I also make a mean spaghetti sauce. In the end, I think I am going to focus on "Finding a New Career and Everything Involved in a Search For a New life". That way, I may be able to use this blog to get help from other people undergoing similar changes. Maybe I can learn something and teach others. Eventually, I may give out my spaghetti sauce recipe.

If it turns out in the end that I just use this blog to rant to an empty audience....well, that's okay too.

My next post is going to describe my professional life as a science tech and some of my thoughts on why things didn't really work out for me in the field. Stay tuned.


  1. Look at that - I am your first follower. Don't be mislead - I probably won't remember to come back and read again.

  2. I'll probably post links in facebook so no biggie.